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Hi my name is David Keats and I am the former MD of Speciality Welds Ltd, a company specialising in underwater welder training, consultancy and welding inspection services. I am now the owner of Weldcraftpro and we are a UK-based company and I have been in the world of welding for over 40 years. I have published two book of underwater welding and we offer the Weldcraft-Pro. The only ABS accredited welding course to other training providers as well as commercial diving companies. For more information about me and my company please visit http://www.weldcraftpro.com

Happy welding

4 responses to “About Author

  1. to author of specialweld mr david keats..! i am mr jeffrey valderama pilipino. i post this messege thats why i want learn of underwater welding.! i dont know how learn of this underwater welding… co’z im here now in U.A.E please sir responce of this messege… thanks…

  2. Hi sir,
    I am kailas shingade. From india, i am iti, ncvt, passed welder and i am doing arc, gmaw, tig, brazing, saw, welding and oxy-fueil gas cutting. And i like doing welding, welding is my part of life. Please tell me how done my carrier in welding.

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